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Free Scoreboard Software

Scoreboard designsScoreboard software for local viewing on large screens or to add scores to a public online scoreboard and live video streams. For all cuesports including snooker, billiards, 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball. For local viewing a large computer screen can be used at the event that the audience can see. With online viewing live scores can be overlaid onto a live stream using OBS Studio which is also free software. Available for all languages. For more info click for more scoreboard software.

Free Event Calendars

Event CalendarEvent calendars for sporting associations to manage their affiliated club events who can list their events for display collectively. Clubs can display open events that include all clubs, or they can display open events and member only events for their own club members. Search by sport category, association, club, country or state. Available for all languages. For a dedicated calendar for your sporting association or club, click Request a Calendar.

Scoreboard Options

Scoreboards are available for all cuesports, for both local and online viewing:

Scoreboards for Public Viewing Online

To provide live scores displayed online all you need is an Internet connection and a free scoring account on our website to submit your scores. Your audience can be anywhere in the world. A scoreboard at the event can use the same link. Online scoring can be managed from any device including Windows and Mac computers, and any mobile phone or tablet that can access the Internet because no software is required. Online scoreboards can be managed from a web page.

Scoreboards for Live Video Stream Overlays

Today anyone can stream via YouTube from a mobile phone. But without a visible scoreboard the audience is left clueless as to what is going on. However when using a mobile phone that can be solved by placing a large computer screen in the background and utilising one of the scoreboard options described above.

But if streaming via a computer and video camera, there is free encoding software available that can overlay a scoreboard onto the video as it is sent to YouTube (or recorded) like you see in World Snooker matches. OBS Studio is free and open source encoding software that is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

* The online scoreboard services can be managed from any device and are provided for FREE. If you like this service you are most welcome to donate toward its overhead.


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