Score Boards

BallStream scoreboards began as a means to provide live scores for online scoreboards and add score updates to live video streams from any computer.

BallStream solutions were developed when nothing was available, beginning with the very first live stream of snooker in Australia. In those days, streaming services were expensive and score overlay software did not exist. So new software was created to overlay scores into the live video stream sent to a media server hosted in Australia. Today scoreboards are available for all cue sports.

Scoreboard Options

Scoreboards are available for both online and local viewing, and for most cue sports:

  • Scoreboard for Snooker (local).
  • Scoreboard for Billiards (local).
  • Scoreboard for Pool (local).
  • Scoreboard for All Matchplay (local).
  • Live Scoring Online (all cuesports).
  • Drawsheet Maker (seeded draws).

For local viewing a computer screen can be used at the event that the audience can see. With online viewing a scoreboard can be linked on othis web site that can be watched on a computer anywhere in the world. With both online and local viewing you can display scores on a large screen and provide a scoreboard overlay for your video stream at the same time.

Scoreboard Requirements

Options are available for use with mobile phones, tablets and personal computers:

Basic Setup for Local Viewing

Scoreboards for live scoring Simply install the scoreboard software on a Windows computer that you can take to event and then you can manage scores from your keyboard or a handheld numerical keypad. If your computer screen is too small from across the room, simply plug in a larger screen (screen size is unlimited).

* The scoreboard software listed above is for Windows computers and provided for free.

Setup for Live Scores Online

Scoreboards for live scoring To provide live scores displayed online all you need is an Internet connection and a free scoring account on our website to submit your scores. Your audience can be anywhere in the world. A scoreboard at the event can use the same link. Online scoring can be managed from any device including Windows and Mac computers, and any mobile phone or tablet that can access the Internet because no software is required. Online scoreboards can be managed from a web page.

Scoreboards for Video Stream

Scoreboards for live scoring Today anyone can stream via YouTube from a mobile phone. But without a visible scoreboard the audience is left clueless as to what is going on. However when using a mobile phone that can be solved by placing a large computer screen in the background and utilising one of the scoreboard options described above.

But if streaming via a computer and video camera, there is free encoding software available that can overlay a scoreboard onto the video as it is sent to YouTube (or recorded) like you see in World Snooker matches. For example OBS Studio is free and open source encoding software that is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. OBS includes a plugin that enables you to capture a link created by the scoreboard options above and positioned as an overlay anywhere in your video frame.

* The online scoreboard services can be managed from any device and are provided for FREE. If you like this service you are most welcome to donate toward its overhead.