OBS Studio

How to use the OBS Studio Encoder

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

To live stream one needs to be online, so while online you can use an online scoring account to submit live scores to our server that can used as a scoreboard overlay on your live video stream.

OBS Studio plugins There are two plugins here that you are likely to use every time. The Image plugin is most useful for adding your logo and/or the clubs logo to a corner of the video frame. The Browser plugin is the one that you can use to add a scoreboard overlay. To add these plugins simply click the [+] sign and select them from the plugins list.

OBS browser plugin
The URL is https://ballstream.com/overlay_obs.asp?m=100002 (replace 100002 with your match ID)

When the overlay is added to your video frame you will be able to scale it to size and drag it to your desired position. But in the meantime you need to use the settings that you see in the above image, ie: 800 x 52 pixels. The match ID (m) can be retrieved from your scoring account index when logged into this website.

How it works

Overlay_obs.asp is a page on our website that retrieves the scores that you submit to your particular match ID. That pages refreshes frequently to provide the current score and the OBS Browser plugin refreshes to capture the current display.

If an even border is not visible around the score panel you may have to either adjust the width or height, or edit the player names to ensure that they fit within that size. Some names can be long so if you have a problem you can always abbreviate the first name or display only the surname as they do on TV for World Snooker.

Streaming to YouTube

Gone are the days when we had to pay for data. YouTube will stream to a multitude for FREE. To get started all you need is a YouTube account login.

YouTube menuGo to https://youtube.com and sign-in. If you don't have an member login you can create one for free straight away. You may have to check your email for a validation link to confirm your identity. Before you can live stream you need to first create a "channel" and then enable "live streaming".

YouTube menuWhen logged in, click on your icon in the top right to display a small window like the one to the left. Now click on "Creator Studio". In the left side menu you should now see a link for "Live Streaming". Click on the chevron (down arrow) to expand that menu to show options for "Stream Now". When your stream settings are complete, head back to the "Basic info" tab and under the heading "Encoder setup", take note of your "Stream name/key". Write down the key name, but keep it secret, because you will need it later.

To stream using OBS Studio, run OBS using "Run as Administrator" and click on "Settings" and then "Stream". Select the options that you see below and then copy-n-paste in your YouTube "Stream Key".

OBS settings

That will link OBS with YouTube so that when you stream with OBS, it goes straight to your YouTube channel. Exit the settings menu by hitting “Apply” followed by “OK.”

If you want to stream footage from an external camera, click the “+” icon under “Sources,” and select “Video Capture Device.” Select your camera from the list of options under the “Device” drop-down and decide on its quality and FPS. When finished, click “OK.”

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