MatchPlay Scoreboard

The MatchPlay scoreboard software is suitable for snooker, billiards and pool. The software can be run locally for an audience view and if a video stream overlay is needed, then OBS Studio can add your scores to the video stream as it is sent to the media service (YouTube, etc).

Matchplay Scoreboard SoftwareThe MatchPlay scoreboard software requires a Windows computer. However if you need to display a large scoreboard and/or overlay a scoreboard on video while using other devices, you can use our online version where everything is managed from a web page. A wireless number pad you can score the game remotely while playing or refereeing. 

MatchPlay Scoreboard Download

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 2.0  7.3 Mb All Windows PCs 

Warning! This software needs permission to update its database. Always start this software by right clicking its EXE to select [Run as Administrator].

MatchPlay Requirements

To get started all you need is a computer with a monitor:


  • Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Software must be installed and started using "Run as Administrator"

MatchPlay User Guide

Scoring functions

While using your own screen for scoreboard display should suffice for practice matches, at an event where you want the audience to see the scoreboard, the screen needs to face the audience and also be much larger. 

Scoring from a PC

If using a PC with a large monitor you can sit off to side and score without blocking the audience's vision. To use an extension monitor on a PC as well as your usual monitor your PC will most likely need to have two graphics cards.

Scoring from a laptop (notebook)

The ideal solution! Every laptop has its own built in LCD screen for your view while scoring and it should also already have a monitor port on the back to plug in a large monitor for the audience's scoreboard display.

Monitor displays

All sized monitors can be used and no adjustment is necessary as the scoreboard display will automatically detect the usable screen size and adjust size proportionally. All graphics for number and ball displays are high quality PNG images and of adequate size to look good even on the largest monitors which can be up to 4 metres wide.

Fullscreen Mode

This scoreboard is designed to display score inputs only, so as a scoreboard it should be used FULLSCREEN to provide the best effect. To ESCAPE fullscreen to use other programs during a match, you can use these options:
- Hit the ESC key to close the scoreboard software
- Use ALT/TAB keys to bring up the other program

Hold down the ALT key and then hit the TAB key to scroll onto the next option. Any program that is already running can be accessed.


To use the scoreboard, first add the match to your list, nominating:

- name of the event
- number games to be played (best of)
- first and last names of both players
- start time (optional and only displayed in 1 game matches such as billiards)

Starting a new match

The first thing you need to do before starting the scoring is to nominate the player to break.

Setting player to break

At the start of each game the player to break needs to be set.

Adding points

Once a match has been set up in your match index, all of the score control functions that you will now need can be controlled by keyboard or number pad only. In fact by using a wireless number pad you can score the game remotely while playing or refereeing.

Type in the points score at the bottom of the scoreoard

All points added as a number such as "35" or "-35" will be added to the current break score. When players change turn the break score is then added to the player's total score for the current game. Only numbers can be added here.

The total score for each player can be adjusted at any time by including the code like "A+55" or "B-55". This function can also be used to set a handicap at the start of a game.

NOTE: You can use positive numbers (like 12) or negative numbers like (-12) to adjust either the break score or total score of each player, but their is an inbuilt safeguard to prevent the result from ever being a negative number, ie: id a player's score is 33 points then the most that can be deducted is 33 points. So handicaps should always be a positive (+) number.


The 'Restart' option will clear all scores for the current game and reset the break to what it was.

Next game

To finish a game you need to do 2 things:

    - Edit the match to update the game score
    - Restart the game to reset the current score totals

Starting a new match

To start afresh (new match) you can use the Event Delete which will remove all game points, player's turn and the game details to start everything from a blank record..

Setting Yellow

Setting a Yellow Player can be used for scoring Billiards where one player uses a white cue ball and the other uses a yellow ball. Traditionally Billiards used 2 white balls (one marked with a spot) but yellow and white balls have been used in recent years to enhance television viewing.

Select from 5 different scoreboard designs


The scoreboard design and colour scheme can be changed from the link for "Settings". On the settings page you can select from 5 different preset colour schemes, or you can edit each of those colour schemes to change colors, lettering styles and sizes. Colour scheme can be changed at any time, even during a match.

Edit the scoreboard design by changing color and fonts


Note: There is no UNDO function in this simplified version. But scores can be adjusted at any time by using the handicap function, ie: by entering "A+15" you can add 15 points to player A's score or by entering "B-13" you can subtract 13 points from B's score. However you cannot remove more points than a player already has, ie: minus scores are not permitted.

.A or .B    Player to break  Reset will clear the current points score.
 1 to 7   Add points   1-7  points will be added only.  
/n   Fouls  n =  points will be added only.  
A+ or A- Adjust score Example: A-5 will deduct 5 from player A
0   Change player   Change player after miss.
 A+25 or B+25   Handicap  Handicap for this match. Use positive (+) input only.  

To use an UNDO function and also record each table visit for a printed report of the match, you need to use the full version of our scoreboard software known as the BallStream Live Scoreboard Control which caters for Snooker, Billiards and 3 shades of Pool and many more features for player performance comparison, etc.


Language selection can be changed at any time from the dropdown menu on the match details page. Currently BallStream supports 24 different languages.