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BallStream Scoreboards are authored by William Kent, a cuesport enthusiast since the early 60s, and since the early 00s, snooker coach and referee. William sporadically served as committee member, secretary and president of the Bribie Island Snooker Club 2000-2017. During 2022 William served on the Board of Directors of the Queensland Billiards & Snooker Association (Australia) and then founded the Australian Senior Snooker Association which was incorporated in January 2023.

Scoreboard beginning

The need for a live scoring service was realised one day when having to head off home from a match without watching the final. While some of the guys still at the match were posting results to our club forum, it was then realised that we needed something better. And it needed to be operable by anyone from anywhere.

Scoreboard options

What started as a live scoring service has since evolved to provide several scoring options and what would a scoring service be without video and a means to provide a scoreboard with the live video stream? To avoid confusion we also had to define some terminology to differentiate live scoring from local scoring.

Local scoreboards

What we call a local scoreboard is the scoreboard in plain sight by the players and audience at the match. Usually this is comprised of numbers on rollers (traditional snooker scoreboard) which are only visible when standing no further than the length of a table. Or it may be a digital scoreboard which shows the scores and frame scores but with no reference to the player's name, the event or how many frames are involved in the match. BallStream now provides software for a local scoreboard that can be run on any Windows computer for a much more sophisticated scoreboard display using that computer's screen or an extension monitor up to giant plasma screen size.

Live scoreboards

What we call a live scoreboard is a scoreboard display that can be watched by people who are not at the event... from anywhere in the world via the Internet. BallStream's live scoreboards can be viewed on any computer or mobile phone while connected to the Internet regardless of whether it's Mac, Linux or Windows based.

Who can submit live scores?

Anyone connected to the Internet using any type of computer.

Who can watch live scoring?

Anyone who is connected to the Internet by computer or mobile phone.

How to start live scoring?

You first need to create a login as a Scorer. Then when you are logged in you can create a match by nominating the event title, player's names and match duration. If your Scorer account is brand new you can start scoring straight away and set your scoreboard by inputting the match number. However if you would like the public to be able to access the scoreboard from the main match programme on the BallStream web site you can email BallStream and ask to be approved as a real Scorer.

Is live scoring really a free service?

Absolutely! While ads may appear in some places throughout our web site you will find that the scoreboards that your audience will use are ad free... unless you want to include your own ads on behalf of a sponsor of your choice.

No Internet available?

Live scoring does require an Internet connection which may not always be available and reliable, in which case it may risky when also used as the scoreboard at the event for the players and referees. So for this task we recommend using our scoreboard software for a local scoreboard.

How to provide a local scoreboard?

BallStream Scoreboard Control software provides all of the functions that are found in our online version plus more but does not require an Internet connection. As well as the usual scoring functions other tools are included for tournament management such as player newsletters, drawsheet maker, performance statistics, player comparisons and rankings. The scoreboard control is free to evaluate without a time limit.

Event Calendars

BallStream Event Calendars are provided as a free service for sporting associations to present the events of all their affiliated clubs in the one place to help event managers and players to better organise schedules and enhance attendances by avoiding clashes.

To apply for a calendar account, click here to Register a Calendar.

BallStream web and software services?

BallStream software and scoring services are provided to the cue sport community for free. The software and web applications provided by BallStream were created by and are maintained by William Kent, an experienced tournament player, snooker coach and accredited Snooker Referee. William has also managed many events as tournament director at all levels including Australian ranked events.

BallStream scoreboards have been used extensively throughout Australia for many different tournaments (including state and national championships) and by cue sport groups around the world.


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