Video Overlay

Scoreboard Overlay for Video Stream

To overlay a scoreboard onto a live video stream you need a video encoder and the means to generate an image that can be used for the scoreboard. In days not long past encoding software was complex and expensive unless you used the Microsoft Media Encoder shipped for Windows. However scoreboard plugins were non-existent and expensive to contract.

But today there are many more options and one open-source encoder includes everything that you need and it is FREE. OBS Studio is most sophisticated and includes plugins for all types of overlays. So now all you need is a scoreboard source.

A recent review has turned up quite a few options but none are for free. In fact some are charging monthly fees for a web service or several hundred dollars for their software. Well I do not find it amusing that such copycats have the audacity to charge for what they plagiarised from my free offerings, and there is bad news for them.

BallStream Scoreboard Overlays are FREE

BallStream Scoreboards have been FREE to use for the last decade and were always capable of providing an updated image for the score overlay. In fact our overlay solution is much easier to use that what any of the other scoreboard solutions provide and that includes the scoreboard plugins specifically designed for use by OBS. This is pure simplicity:

  1. Create a scoring account.
  2. Input the settings for your match such as player names and number of frames.
  3. Make a note of the match ID.
  4. Run OBS Studio and add "Browser" as a source, then input the OBS link for your match ID.
* For a step by step guide for adding a scoreboard overlay, please click OBS Studio.

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