Scoring Account

Free Online Scoring Account

To submit scores for an online scoreboard and/or create scoreboard overlays for a video stream, a scorer account can be registered here for FREE. Then you can create matches that only you can submit scores to for anyone in the world to see. Your login protects the integrity of your scores. Click for the Live Scoreboard.

Account Requirements

  • Anyone can create a scoring account. However your email address will need to be validated by checking the email that our server sends after you register and clicking the link contained within.
  • To manage your account and submit scores all you need is a device that can connect to the Internet and use cookies.
  • To display a scoreboard at your event all you need is a computer that can connect to the Internet.
  • To add a scoreboard overlay to a video stream, all you need is OBS Studio which is free software that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Using Your Scoreboard

Permission to submit scores to your scoreboard is limited by login and password to protect your scoreboard's integrity.
  • However anyone can access the public view of your scoreboard providing they have the correct link that includes the match ID. A public index of all available matches can be found at
  • To be able to submit scores you need to login and select the appropriate match from your index.
  • To overlay a scoreboard onto your video stream you will need the OBS link and match ID... see OBS Studio for the instructions.
  • When displaying a scoreboard on a large computer screen you can remove the halo effect by reducing the screen's "brightness".
  • See Scoreboard Help for more information about live scoring and video overlay.


It is the scorer's responsibility to clean up after a match has finished. By all means leave the scoreboard listed online for 24 hours but any longer can congest the public index and cause confusion. By setting "Active = No" the match will not be visible in the public index.

If you like this FREE service you are most welcome to donate toward its overhead.


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